Text formatting

March 20, 2020

This is the first paragraph. It’s an intro paragraph that introduces the content of the blogarticle. This paragraph is the text that is used as a teaser of the blog tiles on the blog overview page, so that people can already start reading the post before actually opening the article.

This is a headline all about paragraphs and line breaks

This is the paragraph that goes with the headline above. Between the headline and the paragraph there is a margin of 15px. A paragraph can have a line break. Here is a line break.

There can also be another paragraph after a paragraph. In that case, the margin between them is 20px. This NOT the same margin between a paragraph and the headline that follows it. In that case, the margin is 30px.

This is another headline about list formatting

  • A list has an offset of 10px on the left so that it does not start at the same vertical line as the rest of the content.
  • There is a margin between the dash and the text of 10px. The margin between the bullet points is 10px.
  • The bullet points are represented by red dashes.
  • A bullet could also have some really long text. In fact the text is so long that it actually needs to be written over many lines so that it fits. In this case, the respective line spacing is kept.

Like a new paragraph or headline, an image has a 30px top and bottom margins.

That is it for the formatting. This same formatting should be used for all texts. This means looking at pages for References and Jobs as well. That way, everything is nice and consistent. To end the article, this time, we include a 40px bottom margin before recommending more articles.